Beacon Hill

New England Home Magazine Summary

This Beacon Hill Townhouse is featured in New England Home Magazine for its traditional brownstone street front appearance on the exterior yet it has an interior that is contemporary in many ways. Its aesthetic clean lines and detailing incorporates environmentally friendly technology. The mingling of the traditional and the contemporary is best summarized at the entry to the brownstone. From the street the front door is a classic historic six-paneled double door. Just beyond that traditional layer you come across a second set of crisp, white doors with frosted glass and soundproofing to bring you into the contemporary world of the interior.

The young family bought the five-story brownstone in 2005. It had some contemporary aspects, such as an atrium and large spiral stair but lacked a consistency in style through all the floors. By simplifying the plan the living spaces were spread on the first three floors and the bedrooms on the fourth and fifth. The central stair allowed light to spill into each of those floors. Picking up on materials and clean lines from each floor the stair is detailed with mahogany at the treads, risers, and handrail, aluminum posts, and glass panels for guardrails.

The Boston-based contractor, Charles Fagan, pushed the green aspects and installed a radiant heating system and a Lutron computerized lighting system to allow the owners to have more control over the lights to save energy. Spray foam insulation was used to eliminate the use of fiberglass and paint throughout that was non-toxic and VOC free.

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